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You’re really having trouble with COM (or OLE, or ActiveX, or any of its multiple names), aren’t you? You thought that COM would disappear with the advent of .NET. But your legacy code is chock full of COM, and you just can’t get rid of it. Interfacing it with .NET somehow doesn’t work with just a few clicks, the way the Microsoft demos always do.

They aren't teaching it at school any more. Let David Platt come figure out what the hell is going on and save your ass.

Dealing with COM is as critical to your success as ever, and as frustrating as ever. And it’s almost impossible to find anyone to help you with it.

I can help you. I am one of the world’s foremost experts on COM, COM+, OLE, and ActiveX. I’ve written books on them, which you can see at the left. I’ve written many articles on these technologies in MSDN Magazine and its predecessor Microsoft Systems Journal, such as this one and this one on using COM with multiple threads. I’ve also taught them at Harvard University Extension School.

I can help you keep your COM implementations going, or help you get ready to migrate out of them. I can help you make them work with .NET, on which I’m also a top expert. Whether you implement or use COM objects directly through their interfaces, or via the MFC, ATL, or Visual Basic abstractions, you need someone who understands what’s going on under the hood. And I can transfer the knowledge to your developers, so they can keep it running.

Everyone’s need is different. Contact me today and we’ll work out a customized plan just for you.

David Platt

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David Platt
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The Essence of COM with ActiveX
Understanding COM+
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