Introducing Microsoft .NET, 3rd Edition
By David S. Platt - Microsoft Press, 2003


Introducing Microsoft .NETBook Overview

The third edition of this best-selling title updates the text and code to cover version 1.1 of Microsoft .NET. I've  added "Tips from the Trenches" throughout the text, bringing you the best practices that my customers report from their development efforts. I've also added two new chapters, one on Remoting and one on Reflection.  If you liked the first or second editions of this book, I think you'll find the third edition worthwhile.

What problems does .NET solve? What architectural approaches does it take to solve them? How do you start using .NET and how do you profit from it? Get the answers to these questions and more in this entertaining, no-nonsense book. Dave Platt uses a pyramid structure to cover a single topic in each chapter, introducing simpler, conceptual material first, then progressing to technical details, so you can choose how deep you wish to go. He makes his points with a minimum of jargon, a maximum of wit, a multitude of detailed diagrams, and a wealth of meaningful analogies and clear explanations. By the end of this illuminating walkthrough, you'll know enough about this exciting Internet development platform to plan for the future.