Implementing ACORD XML Web Services
on the Microsoft .NET Platform

Programming Microsoft's Insurance Value Chain Software Factory for ACORD Standards
Implementing ACORD XML Web Services on the Microsoft .NET Platform


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March 26, 2010

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Taught by David S. Platt, M.E.

President, Rolling Thunder Computing Inc

Instructor in Computer Science, Harvard University Extension School

Author of Introducing Microsoft .NET from Microsoft Press, and Why Software Sucks from A-W

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Implementing web services that produce and consume ACORD XML has always been tricky. This training class teaches you how the latest releases from Microsoft can make the job easier. Windows Communication Foundation (WCF) contains enhanced functionality that previous communication layers did not. And Microsoft's new Insurance Value Chain Software Factory for ACORD Standards (IVCSF-AS) , a set of classes, documentation, and tools that simplifies the use of WCF.

Your instructor is the world famous David S. Platt, author of many books on web services and other aspects of programming. He has worked with and taught classes on ACORD standards since the first OLE for Life Insurance standard in 1995. He teaches software development at Harvard University Extension School and at companies all over the world. He successfully developed the first Microsoft platform SOAP With Attachments message formatter to be certified by ACORD. Microsoft  named him a Software Legend in 2002.

This training class is intended for developers, architects, and managers who will be working on exchanging ACORD XML data through WCF web services.

Customize! There are many ways of implementing ACORD, and this class might not match your needs. Maybe you're using .asmx instead of WCF, maybe you need help with other items. Call me. I'll be happy to structure one that fits your development plans, taught at your company, on your schedule.

Covered Topics:

ACORD XML standards for web services

Introduction to Microsoft IVC ASF

Examination of contents of Microsoft IVC ASF.

WCF Service Interfaces and Contracts  IVC ASF

Building and running sample application.

WCF Data Contracts in IVC ASF

Generation of classes from the ACORD XML schema.

Examination of classes that serialize to ACORD XML.

Removal of unneeded items from the schema using tools written by your instructor.

 Specification of namespaces.

Handling of arrays and collections.

Handling of code lists.

Performance considerations. 

Client-side proxy considerations when using ACORD XML web services

Usage of utility classes and extensions from IVC ASF, such as constructors.

Additional client-side tools written by the instructor, such as the type code combo box.

Online Delivery: The class will be taught via Microsoft Live Meeting or other remote conferencing software.  Information about your hardware and software setup is at this link. I'll share my desktop, so you can see what I'm working on at any time. I'll send you the sample code so you can browse through it at your own pace during the class, and the course notes too. We've run remote classes before, and most people liked the results. While it wasn't quite the same as being there in person, a live instructor was much more effective than any recording or self-study. And everyone liked not having to travel.

Prerequisites: Basic familiarity with the .NET Framework and Visual Studio are required. Class is taught in C#, but Visual Basic users are welcome. 

Time: Class runs 10:00 AM - 6:00 PM, US Eastern Time

Cost: US$ 495 per person if registered before 1700 ET on January 1, 2009, US$ 595/person thereafter.  Payment required via credit card or PayPal during online  registration. 

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Cancellation Policy: Full refund if cancellation received by 1700 ET on January 31, 2009.  No refund if cancellation received thereafter. 

Substitution Policy: You may freely substitute a different attendee at any time for any reason.

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