David S. Platt (the guy on the right) teaches Programming .NET at Harvard University Extension School  and at companies all over the world. He was selected by Microsoft as one of their Software Legends, which you can read about at www.softwarelegends.com. He has taught classes on ACORD insurance standards since the very first OLifE class in 1995. He is the author of eight programming books, most recently Introducing Microsoft .NET, 3rd Edition from Microsoft Press, with three more on the way. It is currently outselling Tom Clancy's Every Man a Tiger on Amazon.com, which tells you what kind of geeks buy their books there. "He's the only guy I know that can actually make an article on COM's apartment threading model funny," said Tana Sabatino.

Dave holds the Master of Engineering degree from Dartmouth College. He did his undergraduate work at Colgate University. When he finishes working, he spends his free time working some more. He wonders whether he should tape down two of his daughter's fingers so she learns how to count in octal. (Check them, has he done it yet?) He lives in Ipswich, MA.


Nickname: "The Mad Professor" 

Comment most frequently elicited from children at adjoining breakfast restaurant tables before he's had his morning coffee: "Mommy, what's wrong with that man?"

Favorite Web Sites:

 www.radiomargaritaville.com    Jimmy Buffett Internet radio
 www.webpagesthatsuck.com    Learn good web design by looking at bad web design
 www.controlled-demolitions.com and www.controlled-demolition.com.   Soothe your jangled nerves by watching video of building implosions from  these unrelated British and American (respectively) companies. The latter did the Seattle Kingdome.