David Platt
Online Class Delivery


Now, through the magic of the Internet, you can join my classes live over the Web, anywhere in the world. You can ask questions, have me repeat things, discuss topics of your choice.  It's just like having me at your site, except I won't drink up all your coffee. And neither of us has to get on a  #&%$*  airplane. As my friend Charles likes to say, "Sometimes the Internet is just a beautiful place."

I deliver my classes via Microsoft LiveMeeting, as shown below. It's astonishingly effective. You can see my presentation desktop on your PC. You can see and hear me with remote video and audio, and I can see and hear you. During labs, you can show me your desktop, give me control, and I can work on your code.

The hardware and software requirements are quite modest. You probably already have and use most of them in place already.  Call or email today to schedule yours!


Live Meeting snapshot