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The Joy of UX

Why Software Sucks ... and What You Can Do About It

Introducing Microsoft .NET, 3rd Edition

User Groups and Book Clubs
Free remote appearance of David Platt to your user group meeting or book club





CUSTOMIZED Mentoring and Training on Microsoft .NET

CUSTOMIZED Mentoring and Training on Windows Azure

Developing WPF Applications That Don't Suck

CUSTOMIZED Mentoring and Training on COM, COM+, OLE and ActiveX

User Experience

User Experience Consulting from David Platt

Have David Platt help your team design the very best kind of a user experience: one that your users never notice.

New Article: Using WPF for Good and Not Evil
A critique of the Family.Show sample program, which uses the same features of WPF to delight and also infuriate its users.


Teaching and Speaking

David Platt's Classes on Xamarin and on UX at Harvard

Conference Keynotes
Read how David Platt brings down the house as a live keynote speaker at your conference, and schedule him